Features & Benefits:

  • 2200E Mini Excavator Plant Trailer
  • Deck Size: 2230mm x 1350mm
  • Deck Track Size: 2230mm x 300mm
  • Stand Up Ramps
  • Front & Rear Tie Down Points
  • The Alltrades Trailers 2200E is designed as a tilt trailer for ease of LOADING.

ALL-TOW 2200E Plant Trailer Tilt

SKU: AT-152
    • ATM: 2200Kg
    • Chassis Main Beam Size: 100mm x 50mm x 3mm
    • Trailer Weight: 400Kg
    • Trailer OA Length: 4200mm
    • Trailer OA Width: 1920mm
    • Distance Between Guards: 1350mm
    • Stand Up Ramp Length: 1460mm
    • Stand Up Ramp Width: 370mm
    • Chassis Main Beam Size: 100 x 50
    • Number of Axles: 2
    • Axle Type: 45mm x 45mm Solid
    • Wheel Size: 14 Inch Light Truck
    • Stud Pattern: Ford
    • Lighting: LED Lights
    • Brake Type: Mech Brake 10in Disc
    • Suspension: AL-KO
    • All Alltrades Trailers are fitted with ALKO Suspension parts, Trojan Hitch and Load Rated Brand New Wheels and Tyres.
    • Powder Coated Steel Guards Available in any Colour Required.