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Why do I need a water cannon ?

Water cannons are a piece of equipment that can shoot a high velocity stream of water .Ok so why would you want to do this ? Water cannons can be used for many applications and come in many sizes to suit all applications. They can be operated manually , electrically , pneumatically, hydraulically and have options for remote control operation making them a very versatile piece of equipment .You can easily add to your water truck or water carts capabilities which makes you the top operator for any job, and sets you apart from other operators who don't have the full range of capabilities .You can offer so much more services when you have a water cannon fitted to your water truck .

How do I control a water cannon ?

Controlling a water cannons can be done in 3 ways manually, remotely from a cabin in a water truck or RF ( radio frequency ) remote control ,all options give you the flexibility for the application and budget you have . Making our range of water cannons flexible enough to suit your requirements . We carry a the full range of Magnum Australia water cannons and can support you with a full range of spare parts . You know when you buy a magnum monitor its fully backed by their in house warranty. Making it a ni brainer to fit a new water cannon to your water truck .

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