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Who are we and What do we stand for ?

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

We are a new player in the online world who answered the question.

" Wouldn't it be great if you could order all the gear you need for work online at home while you are having a beer , no more down time trying to get to the distributors ? " ,

We set up Iron Rhino because we know how hard it is to make a living and get everything done and stay ahead of the pack. We get it there are just not enough hours in the day. You don’t have the time to stuff around during the day if your not on site you can't make money. Downtime is the enemy of production and profitability; you just got to keep going to meet deadlines and quotas. Time waits for nobody and deadlines aren’t negotiable. So, we thought “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get top quality gear and equipment without losing any time”. You don’t have time to stop during the day to order gear and nobody open when you’ve finished a 12 hour day. Not anymore Iron Rhino has got you covered now you can stay ahead of the pack.

What are we selling ?

Quality gear built tough just like you that won't make you look like a pretender , we get it your a top operator and it took you years to build up this reputation and we aren't going to let you down . We have been in various businesses for over 25 years we know what having a solid reputation means and how careful you have to be who you let into your operation. Because it's your name on the door and your proud of the reputation you have slogged away at building . We don't sell cheap crap that's going to make you look like a cowboy there are plenty of others selling junk we aren't those guys.

What are our values ?

Lets have some fun .

We only sell Quality Gear.

We are going to listen.

We are invested in your success.




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